How to unlock Ric Flair in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

All we can say is Woo!

As part of a new content update on December 23, four new wrestlers were added to WWE 2K Battlegrounds. One of those wrestlers was icon and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. While several of the new wrestlers were made available right away, 2K Battlegrounds users needed to unlock the Nature Boy. So how do you do just that? Let’s go over what you have to do to get Ric Flair in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

First off, select the Superstars tab, which can be found on the upper-right hand side of the screen. Then, once you’ve reached the menu where you can find unlocked and locked WWE superstars, scroll through the list until you find Ric Flair.

In order to unlock Flair, 2K Battlegrounds users will need to spend either 12,000 Bucks or 300 Golden Bucks to buy the Nature Boy. WWE 2K Battlegrounds players can also acquire a special attire for Flair. However, you will need to outright purchase access to Flair before being able to buy the alternate gear.