How to Unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors – Tips & Tricks

She-Moon is a character in Vampire Survivors players must unlock in the Whiteout map, but she’s far from easy to acquire.

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Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7 added a lovely little bundle of new content for players to work through. Chief among them is a new Stage, which is home to new weapons, deadly enemies, and a brand new character who joins the game’s roster.

Unlocking characters in Vampire Survivors isn’t always straightforward, and while unlocking She-Moon may seem like it is on the surface, we can tell every player it’s not. The heart of what makes her difficult to unlock is the challenge in Whiteout as a Stage.

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How to Unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors

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To unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors, players need to unlock the Whiteout Stage and then survive in that Stage for 20 minutes. It sounds simple and should be on the surface. The problem is that whiteout is a very difficult Stage to reach 20 minutes in. We tried to do this multiple times with many characters and always got stuck at 19 and a half minutes. To unlock She-Moon and hit that 20-minute mark, players need a decent build.

Best Build to Unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors

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The build we used to make it to 20 minutes in Whiteout and unlock She-Moon in Vampire Survivors started with Eleanor Uziron. She is a magic-focused character who uses a lot of projectiles, which are unlocked automatically as she levels up. By level 30, she has some awesome powers and makes light work of most enemies.

We went for every projectile weapon on offer, added increased damage and area of attack, and attempted to get a few evolutions along the way. The thing is, 20 minutes isn’t that long, so players can’t get a seriously good build together in that time.

The real pain point of Whiteout is the snowmen. They will spawn occasionally and form mazes that players must navigate, and they deal damage if players touch them. Early on, they can be a run killer. Late in the run, though, they’re a mere inconvenience until the wolves show up.

The wolves have a huge ranged attack that will pretty much decimate any build. They’re too strong and no matter how much damage they take, they don’t seem to die. The best tactic once they spawn is to run away and kill the fires that spawn. They’ll award some XP, but these final minutes are more about survival than anything else.

Can You Kill Death in Whiteout After 20 Minutes in Vampire Survivors

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No, it’s not possible to kill Death once it spawns in Whiteout after a player survives for 20 minutes for the first time in Vampire Survivors. We had a fantastic build and wiped the floor with every enemy in our run, but it wasn’t enough to beat this monster. However, it may be possible to kill Death after this first 20 minute survival run. We just haven’t done so yet.