Vampire Survivors Tides of Foscari: How to Unlock Eleanor Uzinor

Pick up your first DLC character and get the story moving.


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Vampire Survivors’ first DLC, Tales of Foscari, adds many new characters to unlock and master. Chief among them, and easiest to acquire, is Eleanor Uzinor. This wizard is the cover character of the DLC, and you’d do well to jump into the new map and find her before doing anything else. This guide explains how to unlock Eleanor Uzinor so you don’t waste too much time grabbing items, exploring, and dying to dangerous fae.

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How to unlock Eleanor Uzinor

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To unlock Eleanor Uzinor, you need to find her coffin. It’s pretty easy to track down because it’s in the top left-hand corner of the new map, Lake Foscari. Keep heading in that direction until you hit a small village, and you’re in the right place. A circle of mushroom enemies protects the coffin. You must kill all these enemies before opening the coffin and unlocking Eleanor Uzinor.

How to find Eleanor Uzinor’s coffin

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It takes a lot of work to unlock the Milky Way Map and give yourself the advantage of having a map to work with when seeking out new characters. As such, we’ve broken down the journey to finding Eleanor Uzinor’s coffin into stages. First, start a fresh run on the Lake Foscari map. You’ll begin to be attacked by weaker enemies, so walk around this starting area for a while building up levels and unlocking weapons to give yourself enough protection to move up through the map.

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Next, you need to head up and to the left. This will see you come up against a thick group of trees that you can’t go through. Instead, move to the left-hand side of the trees and keep going up. Push through every enemy you encounter, and don’t stop for anything until you see the river. It’s a bizarre sea of blue that enemies can walk across, but you can’t.

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Once the river is above you, move right until the land bends upwards again. Follow it, and you’ll come to a bridge. This is a tricky area to get through, but you can kite enemies away from the bridge to make it easier. When you have the space, cross the bridge and continue walking up again.

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The next biome you’ll enter is filled with mushrooms and dirt. Massive enemies will attack you here, so circle around and kill a few to earn more experience and unlock some additional firepower. This is the best place to prepare for the fight ahead, so make the most of it and gain 10 levels or so.

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Next, move up the map again, and you should enter the aforementioned village. Head to the left, and you’ll find Eleanor Uzinor’s coffin. It’ll spawn a circle of mushroom enemies with loads of health as soon as you approach it. You need to kill all of them before you can open the coffin and unlock the new character.

The easiest way to do this is to stick around and deal as much damage as possible before enemies from elsewhere on the map show up. You can kite them around the circle and cause some to slow down. Then, move around the entire village in a circle repeatedly to give yourself space and ensure you deal as much damage as possible to the circle of enemies without getting pinned down. Eventually, you’ll be able to open the coffin and end this nightmare.