How to Unlock The Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors – Tips & Tricks

The Whiteout Stage is one players will need to work hard to unlock in Vampire Survivors, chasing rare items through every run.


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Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7 added a new Stage to the game, Whiteout. While players knew about the new Stage ahead of its release, they didn’t know how to access it. Now the update is out, we know exactly how to unlock it, and it’s not easy for newcomers.

Whiteout requires players to find an incredibly rare item 20 times throughout their time with the game. Even hardcore players will need to unlock it, regardless of how many achievements and weapons they’ve unlocked already.

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How to Unlock The Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors

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Players need to find 20 Orologions across their entire playthrough to Unlock The Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors. This total can be added to over multiple runs, so players don’t need to find 20 of these extremely rare powerups in a single run.

There are a few things that players can do to improve their chances of seeing Orologions in the game. First, they should attack every light source they encounter, such as candles and lamps. This is where Orologions spawn.

Second, players should go into a Stage with as much Luck as possible. This means picking a character that starts with the Clover or upgrading the Clover as much as possible before starting a Stage. We did this and still only saw 1 Orologion in our next run.

Do You Need to Unlock The Whiteout if You’ve Already Found 20 Orologions in Vampire Survivors

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Yes, even if players have already unlocked everything and found at least 20 Orologions in their playthrough, they’ll need to do a new run and find one more to unlock The Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors.

We know this because we’d already found way more than 20 Orologions when we booted the game up after installing Patch 1.7. We checked and couldn’t see the new Stage. So we played through a run in Inlaid Library, found one Orogologion, and then unlocked Whiteout upon completion.

What is the Best Stage to Find Orologions in Vampire Survivors

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The best Stage to find Orologions in Vampire Survivors is Inlaid Library. This is where we found one in our first attempt at looking for them to unlock Whiteout. However, we believe that Lake Foscari is also pretty good for it just because it’s brimming with lamps everywhere.