How to unlock skills in Source of Madness

Build a better pilgrim.


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Source of Madness is a side-scrolling dark action roguelite set in a Lovecraftian world filled with eldritch horrors. Many skills will bolster your pilgrims to conquer the millions of monsters that you’ll have to battle in your long, arduous journey through the title. This guide explains how you can unlock new skills to take into battle.

How to unlock skills

To unlock skills, you first need to complete the prologue in Source of Madness, the game’s opening area that sets the tone and explains a bit about the lore of the world. After you’ve completed this section, you’ll be able to choose your pilgrim, and that’s when you can start to unlock skills.

You’ll begin each run in a room that’s filled with blood. On the wall behind you is a series of nodes that seem to continue endlessly up above you. Press the button indicated to interact with this wall, and you’ll see that you can purchase these upgrades with currency earned by killing horrors out on your various runs through the world. Of course, you’ll need to save up to buy some of them and make trade-offs with others in favor of a skill that will benefit you more in the current run. Choose well, and you’ll find that you master this skill wall after than you think.