How to Unlock Super Soul Award in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 there are 100 Parallel Quests the player must complete and replay the key events from Dragon Ball Timeline. There will be different conditions depending on your character just like the previous installment. To Unlock the Super Souls you must complete these Parallel Quest. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the unlocking.

How to Unlock Super Soul Award

How to Unlock Super Soul Award

Super Souls are nothing but the Z-soul from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1. Here is the list of all the Super Soul Unlock list and which Parallel quest you need to .

Flying Nimbus!!

PQ: A Deal? The Saiyan Brothers

Your death is imminent!

PQ: Saiyan Blood

You cocky little…!

PQ: Saibamen’s Revenge


PQ: Attack of the Saiyans

H-How could he?! and I actually felt that one.

PQ: Simian Battlefront

I am the universe’s strongest!

PQ: Tri-Race Coop

I’ll kill all of you!!

PQ: Dragon Ball Brawl

I got back my youth and vigor!

PQ: Clash of Kin!

Drop dead!!! and Goku the legendary Super Saiyan!

PQ: Legendary Super Saiyan

I’ll use all my strength to kill you

PQ: The Androids Attack

I’m neither Kami nor Piccolo…

PQ: Challenger Hercule

I wanted to kill you with my own hands.

PQ: Miscalculations in Time

I am… Super Vegeta!!

PQ: The Cell Games Begin

This fight… is truly pointless…

PQ: Power Teams

Time to dismantle you androids!

PQ: The Future Warriors!

Set your rage free…

PQ: Artificial Warriors

Getting beat up makes me cranky…

PQ: Dragon Balls of the Future

A monster? No, I’m a devil!

PQ: Daddy! Don’t Die!

The Great Saiyaman is here!

PQ: The Fist of Justice!

Take care… of your mother…

PQ: Majin Revival

I will defeat you!

PQ: Hell Is a Picture?

Kill all earthlings!

PQ: Majin Banquet

Before creation comes ruin…

PQ: Appetite for Destruction!

Janemba! Janemba!

PQ: Beerus the Impulsive

I never knew this world existed!

PQ: The New Warriors

I’ve come back from the dead…

PQ: Things Are Getting Serious!

The gold represents the new me.

PQ: Galactic Patrol, Away!

Everyone lend me your energy!

PQ: Revenge of the Tuffle

Finally, some excitement and I… hate you!!

PQ: Small But Strong!

Strengthen me, Shadow Dragons!

PQ: Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan

Someone, satisfy me… and Revival of the Demon Realm is at hand

PQ: Insidious Plot

I’m a Saiyan, raised on Earth!

PQ: 14

I’ll never forgive you!!

PQ: 06

NOW I’m mad!!!!!

PQ: 14

I’m the strongest on Earth!!

PQ: 05

Saiyans are a warrior race!!

PQ: 09

Don’t pick on my daddy!!

PQ: 03

I will not lose!

PQ: 09

Gohan never forgives evil!

PQ: 30

Don’t underestimate Earth!!

PQ: 06

Your power is 5? Scum.

PQ: 03

All right, who’s first?

PQ: 06


PQ: 08

Burter is the fastest in the universe

PQ: 11

Your life is mine!

PQ: 08

This could be fun

PQ: 12

You won’t get away with this!

PQ: 22

Popporunga pupirittparo

PQ: 15

Let me awaken your power

PQ: 16

I must protect Grand Elder Guru!

PQ: 14

I’ll never forgive you, scum!

PQ: 16

It’s curtains for you

PQ: 26

Bwa ha ha! Got you!

PQ: 28

I’m your brother

PQ: 23

Who will surpass me?!

PQ: 17

I…I’m okay!

PQ: 47

No fair using your left hand!

PQ: 32

*Silence* Ignored…

PQ: 32

Papparapah! Barrier!

PQ: 31

I hate you. Don’t bully Hercule.

PQ: 36


PQ: 51

I will change the future!

PQ: 50

Might as well

PQ: 50

Citizens of the universe, lend me your energy!

PQ: 58


PQ: 04

Welcome to the end of the line!

PQ: 07

Your body is mine!

PQ: 10

We’re the one and only Ginyu Force!

PQ: 11

Unlocks from Item Shop

  • The fight starts now!
  • This is my true power
  • I’m not done yet!
  • Why you little…!
  • Never give up!
  • Summon all your power!
  • You don’t understand girls!!
  • Don’t Saiyans ever work?
  • Double it, but go no higher!
  • I’m an android
  • I’ll show you the results of my training!!
  • I’ll finish up here
  • Fine. I’ll go first
  • Tien, please don’t die
  • This is the true form of the Shadow Dragon leader!
  • The futon flew…and so can you!
  • I’m the one who’s gonna take you down!

Unlocks from Mixing Shop

  • My Ki is building… Overflowing
  • I’ll use all my strength to kill you.
  • Getting beat up makes me cranky…
  • Pointless… Here, I’ll end it all
  • A god isn’t what this world needs.
  • I’m still not used to this change
  • That’s 4 Saiyans at full power
  • This fight…is truly pointless
  • I wanted to kill you with my own hands.
  • Wow! Look at you! How cool!
  • You can’t win
  • Feel the wrath of a Namekian
  • I’m neither Kami nor Piccolo now
  • Purple Spiral Flash
  • Vanish forever
  • Bwa ha ha… Thanks for the energy
  • I’m not gonna be that easy!
  • Don’t you see the strength difference here?
  • You’re not 17!
  • If I can just reach my perfect form!
  • What a handy miscalculation
  • Can I be just like you?
  • That looks fun!
  • Time to go Super Saiyan!
  • Wha-?! Wha?! Wha?!
  • Pan-paka-paaan!
  • Here I am! The Grim Reaper of Justice!
  • Guess we should fuse into Vegito
  • This is Super Vegito
  • Let’s just enjoy the game right now.
  • Transforming doesn’t fix everything.
  • Waaagh! Noooo, not that!
  • Ugya-gya-gyaou!
  • I’ll send you to Hell!!
  • You can be the first victim.
  • I’m…only a Saiyan
  • I won’t let you harm Father!
  • Dragon Fist Explosion!

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