How to unlock System Override packs in Apex Legends

There are new limited-time cosmetic items available in the Apex Legends System Override event

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There’s a new event available inĀ Apex LegendsĀ called System Override. In it, players have the opportunity to participate in the new mode called Deja Loot. It features a consistent map with all of the same weapon and gear drops, but the flight path and the safety zone change daily. You and your team members have to find the best locations to drop, and wreck havoc on the other squads. There are 24 limited-time cosmetic items you can unlock by grabbing exclusive System Override packs, and if you grab all 24, you can acquire Octane’s Heirloom item.

Each pack contains at least one of the required cosmetic skins for a character or a weapon inside of it, meaning you only need to acquire 24 packs. All of the packs contain three items. They do vary on quality, though. For example, you have a 50 percent chance of it being either one of the Epic or Legendary skins available for the System Override event. The other two items will be ones from the standard pool of the game, and each pack has a 10 percent chance of a legendary, 20 percent chance for an epic item, and a 70 percent chance for a rare item to drop.

You have two main routes of grabbing these exclusive apex packs. The first is to directly purchase them using Apex Coins, which you grab using real-world money. You can buy a single pack for 700 coins or buy 10 of them for 7,000. For those looking to take the biggest bites out of the event packs, this is the most direct method. Alternatively, you can use crafting metals to directly make any of the 24 cosmetic items shown on the System Override track. Click on any of the ones you don’t have, and use your saved up materials. The epic items will cost 800 crafting metals, and the legendary items cost 2,400.

Other than these two methods, there is no other way of grabbing these items from the System Override packs. It can cripple a handful of players who may not have the most money or have too many crafting metals saved up in Apex Legends.

There are two legendary skins, one for the peacekeeper and one for the wingman, available during the System Override event. You need to participate in the Deja Loot limited-time match, and there are a handful of useful locations you want to land with your team. The System Override event ends on March 17. The cosmetic items in the event may return at a later date.