How to unlock the Legendary peacekeeper Cyber Shock weapon skin in Apex Legends

There’s a new event-related skin for the peacekeeper

Apex Legends has a limited-time event going on called System Override. In it, players have the chance to try out a brand new mode available to the game called Deja Loot. All of the weapon and gear spawns are static on the map, and only the ship route and safe zones change on a daily route. By participating in the mode, you have the chance to complete event-related challenges and earn new rewards through a system tracker. A legendary weapon skin on that tracker is available for the peacekeeper shotgun called Cyber Shock.

The best way to earn the weapon skin is by participating in the Deja Loot event and systematically working through the available challenges. Before you hop into a match, you want to view the available challenges located at the top right of your menu. You should have a variety to choose from, and you can decide which ones to focus on during a match. Much like any battle royale game, it’s all about how you finetune your focus and remember it does vary based on what happens during a match. Some games are quieter than others, and you need to plan out your strategy from there.

You need to have acquired at least 2,000 points during the System Override event to have enough to grab the Cyber Shock weapon skin. You want to check the daily challenges and participate in the event as much as possible. For those having trouble placing in the Deja Loot event, make sure to find a suitable location far away from other players, giving you and your squad some time to gear up and prepare for a fight. It may feel tedious and tiring to take your time, but it can secure you the daily challenge of needing to place in the higher rankings of a Deja Loot match. You cannot reroll these challenges.

The Deja Loot matches also feature the new Evo shield, which becomes more powerful the more damage you deal. Some locations of the map are far better than others, so make sure to coordinate with your squad to try and secure them.