How to unlock The Breach in My Time at Sandrock

Prepare to fight when you enter.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The Breach is a blocked-off location in My Time at Sandrock, adjacent to the Salvage Shop. It’s barred off from the rest of Sandrock because there are multiple aggressive robots from the Old World wandering around that could cause trouble against the many citizens of the town. You’ll need to enter this location if you want to unlock farming and find rare resources. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock The Breach at My Time at Sandrock.

How to unlock The Breach

The Breach is locked behind the main story quest, Moisture Farm Blues, a quest you receive from Zeke after a group of Geeglers attacked his Moisture Farm. After the attack, he needs your help creating a Hydrogel to ensure his plants can receive water and continue to grow, supplying Sandrock with suitable food. Along the way, Qi, the resident researcher in Sandrock, will tell you he needs supplies from The Breach to complete the Hydrogel. Because it’s blocked off, you’ll need to speak with Justice, the Head of the Civil Corps, and convince him to unlock it.

When you speak with Justice, he’ll agree to do it. However, you’ll need to prepare yourself to handle the monstrous robots that have plagued The Breach. They’re going to be aggressive towards you when you enter the location. You want to make sure you bring your tools with you, a weapon, and your character has reached level eight or 10, at least.

The first time you enter The Breach, it’s for the main story. You’ll have to fight against a handful of machines and then Geeglers towards the end of the mission. After this, you can reenter The Breach at your leisure and attempt to find any useful resources to use at your Workshop.