How to unlock the Elf Job in Miitopia

Not just for Christmas.

Image via Nintendo

Jobs are extremely important in Miitopia, setting the tone for how your characters will perform as you play through the game. You can unlock new jobs as you clear the game’s content, but the Elf is something of a secret job that you will need to work hard to unlock.

You will actually clear the entire game before you are even able to start working on this job unlock, so in this guide we will walk you through the steps you need to take to do so.

First up, players will need to complete the game and beat the Dark Lord. This will unlock post-game regions that are not accessible the first time through the game. Galados Isle is one such area, and this is where players will need to go next. Players will need to play through all four areas of the Galados Isles and get to Uncharted Galados where they will find the Replica Dark Lord.

Players will need to find and defeat the Replica Dark Lord and this will cause it to drop the Elven Charm. The Replica Dark Lord has a number of different attacks, and can slam the ground, trap Miis in Nightmares, and drop rocks on the entire party, so be careful in this fight.

As soon as you get the Elven Charm, you can visit an Inn and the Elven Charm will unlock the Elf job as an option for your characters.