How to unlock the Hidden? achievement in Source of Madness

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Source of Madness is a dark roguelite action game set in a Lovecraftian world filled with eldritch horrors. As you explore the world and take on the monsters around you, you’ll unlock more and more achievements. However, one of them will elude you until you explore somewhere else. This guide explains how to unlock the Hidden? achievement in the game and uncover a new part of the game. 

How to unlock the Hidden? achievement

To unlock the Hidden? achievement, you need to discover a side area in Source of Madness for the first time. This task feels quite challenging since the major regions in the game are so well signposted by huge doors near your spawn point.

Instead of heading for the game’s main areas, go all the way up the stairs as far as you can inside the Tower of Madness — the starting area where all the cultist NPCs are gathered. At some point during your ascent, you’ll discover a new door with a bright light coming in through it. Head out that door, and you’ll unlock the Hidden? achievement.

What you’ve discovered by doing this is a side area in the game. You can now explore at your leisure and uncover more of the story, bigger monsters to kill, and maybe even unlock something else to help you with your journey to cleanse the world of darkness.