How to unlock the jetpack in Wobbly Life

Fly high with the alien suit.

Image via RubberBandGames

Wobbly Life is an open sandbox game available for PC and mobile devices. It is an open-world game physics-based game where players can complete different objectives and minigames to earn cash which can be spent in the real world.

Cosmetics are a big part of Wobbly Life, as there are plenty available in the game. Apart from providing visual changes, some cosmetics also grant additional perks. The alien suit, which is a special cosmetic in Wobbly Life, allows users to fly with the help of the jetpack attached to the costume. However, many players might not be aware of how to unlock it.

How to get the Jetpack

Image via RubberBandGames

In order to get the Jetpack in Wobbly Life, players need to unlock the Alien suit. To unlock the Alien suit, follow these steps:

  • You must begin your pizza delivery work after 12 AM.
  • Once the delivery work starts, a U.F.O. will appear.
  • Keep following the U.F.O. until it lands.
  • Once the U.F.O. lands, simply deliver the pizza to the aliens.
  • The Alien suit with an attached Jetpack will be available in the inventory.

The jetpack attached to the suit is not just for visual appeal, but it can also allow the user to fly. Players can change their costumes by clicking on the cupboard icon on the map.