How to unlock the merchant Van in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Unlock the traveling merchant.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
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To get the most out of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, you will want access to Van, the traveling merchant. Van operates two different shops in the game. During the week he can set up a store at the inn, but once a month he will set up a stall in Rose Plaza selling a very special type of item, pets.

How to unlock Van

To unlock Van, you will first need to find the Harvest Goddess. You will need to go to the small river that runs past Spring Mine and the hotsprings and throw in an offering, preferably a flower. This will cause the Harvest Goddess to appear, and if you do it thirty times, it will unlock Van. After you give her 30 gifts, Van will not show up straight away, you will need to wait for him to visit you outside your house to let you know he has arrived in the town.

What does Van sell in his shops?

In Van’s shop in the inn, he will sell the following items:

  • Copper – 150 Gold
  • Silver – 200 Gold
  • Gold – 250 Gold
  • Mithril – 400 Gold
  • Record Player – 2000 Gold
  • 10 records, rotating each week – 500 Gold to 1400 Gold

At his pet shop, Van will sell different pets depending on the season.

  • Sping – cats – 20000 Gold
  • Summer – penguins – 30000 Gold
  • Autumn – dogs – 10000 to 20000 Gold
  • Winter – capybara – 30000 Gold

Van will only set up his pet shop if it is sunny, and you can only buy pets if the pets you currently own all have a friendship level of eight, so make sure you treat all your pets very well by playing with them and brushing them.