How to unlock the Premium Racing Pass in Kartrider: Drift Beta

Is it free or do you have to pay for it?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kartrider: Drift is the newest game in the Kartrider franchise. In this free-to-play title, players can race against others from around the world and on different platforms thanks to the inclusion of cross-play. Outside of the online multiplayer, players can take a break from racing and complete challenges to unlock new items or outfits.

Like many online games with seasonal or event passes, Kartider: Drift follows in their footsteps by having their own called a Racing Pass. As you level up by completing various challenges, you will unlock new items, emotes, and skins. There are two versions of the Racing Pass: Normal and Premium. The normal racing pass will reward you with less extravagant items and decor. The Premium version of the pass gives higher rarity items, skins, and emotes. Despite being called the Premium Racing Pass, players invited to the Closed Beta Test 3 can actually unlock it for free.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Premium Pass, players will have to have an Intermediate License or higher. Head over to License, located in the Play menu. At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have a Beginner License. To get to Intermediate, you’ll have to complete all five challenges in the Beginner License. Then, you’ll unlock the Intermediate License. Complete the five Intermediate License challenges, and then you’ll be able to unlock the Premium Racing Pass.