How to unlock the Reached the Daunt trophy in Horizon Forbidden West

By finishing this trophy, PlayStation will plant a tree.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Trophies are described as useless by many in the gaming world, but in this case, getting the Reached the Daunt trophy within Horizon Forbidden West will actually help the world. Get this trophy, and Sony will plant a tree in one of three reforestation zones across the United States (with a catch).

To obtain the Reached the Daunt trophy, you will need to finish the tutorial level of Horizon Forbidden West. This includes reuniting with Varl, exploring a century-old ruin, and beating the boss at the end. This will take you approximately an hour or two to complete. After that, you’ll gain the Reached the Daunt trophy and begin your adventure to the west.

Image via PlayStation

This trophy that can be redeemed goes towards the Play and Plant program, which has you partly saving the Earth, similarly to Aloy in Forbidden West…just to a much lesser extent. Regardless, if you gain the Reached the Daunt trophy before March 25, PlayStation and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree. 288,000 trees are the approximate maximum for all three zones this will impact, including Douglas Country Forest, Sheep Fire Private Lands, and Torreya State Park. It’s a cool initiative we hope to see grow with future projects from PlayStation and other developers.

While exploring the world of Horizon Forbidden West, it’s important to know a few things. First, you can fast travel from any campfire in the open world. Second, you’ll need to figure out how to craft arrows while in a tough battle. Third, Aloy must be able to heal herself. These three elements are essential for any Horizon Forbidden West player.