How to unlock the Room with a View achievement/trophy in Hogwarts Legacy

The best place to check out the sights surrounding Hogwarts.

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Hogwarts Legacy contains several achievements you can complete as you progress through the game, such as the Room with a View achievement/trophy. You’ll need to reach the highest point at Hogwarts castle to unlock it, which can be challenging. Here’s what you need to know about unlocking the Room with a View achievement/trophy in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to find the Headmaster’s Upper Study in Hogwarts Legacy

The best way to reach this location is by being outside Hogwarts Castle. We recommend making your way to the side of the castle and being north of the Lower Hogsfield village. Stand outside the bridge connecting Hogwarts to the open world. You should be able to recall your broomstick from this location.

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When you’re at this location, you should be able to see one of the taller points of Hogwarts Castle. From where you’re standing, it will be on the right side, on the upper towers.

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Once you’re ready, bring out your broom and begin flying up as high as possible, aiming for the high towers on the right side of Hogwarts castle. There will be a point when going up that the game will prevent you from going any higher. However, you should be able to reach an outside entrance from the tower, which features a staircase. Your target location will be the left side, and the right will lead to the Headmaster’s office.

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Attaching this part of the castle may prevent you from landing as you’ll consistently receive the message “you cannot dismount from this location.” Continue trying and wiggling your character on their broomstick until they can land, and then head up the stairs. The door will have a level three lock, so you must collect enough Demiguise Moons to use Alohomora on it and proceed to the Headmaster’s Upper Study. This will unlock the Room with a View achievement/trophy.