How to unlock the shop and everything for sale in Resident Evil 3: Remake

When do you gain access to it?

Image via Capcom.

Your first playthrough of the Resident Evil 3: Remake is bound to be full of terrors, plenty of action, close calls, and you may find yourself loading into at various checkpoints over and over again. It’s a tough game. You can choose what difficulty best fits you while you play it, though, and after you complete the game, you gain access to the next best thing: the shop.

The shop contains a variety of different cheats and unlockables you can use during your second playthrough of the Resident Evil 3: Remake. For example, after you beat the game, you can choose the unlock the infinite ammo perk, and never have to worry about running out of ammo throughout the game. If Capcom made this available during the first playthrough, it’d be too easy of a game. To unlock any of the cheats available in the shop, you need to earn points, which you acquire by completing challenges in the game. You can review these challenges under the “Records” portion of your menu screen.

Here’s everything you can purchase once you unlock the shop:

UnlockableWhat is it?Price
Jill’s S.T.A.R costumeJill’s S.T.A.R.S outfit she wore in the Mansion2,000p
Recovery CoinHold this to gradually recovery health. (Holding multiple stacks)4,000p
Recovery Coin Hold this to gradually recovery health. (Holding multiple stacks) 4,000p
Iron defense coinHold this to gradually increase your defense. (Holding multiple stacks).4,000p
Iron defense coin Hold this to gradually increase your defense. (Holding multiple stacks). 4,000p
Assault CoinHold this to greatly increase your attack. (Holding multiple stacks).4,000p
Assault Coin Hold this to greatly increase your attack. (Holding multiple stacks). 4,000p
Crafting companionHold this to increase the amount of ammo you receive from crafting.4,000p
S.T.A.R.S field combat manualHold this to make certain combat feats, such as Perfect Dodge, easier to do in the game.6,400p
Lock PickA specialized tool that lets you unlock simple locks when you don’t have a key.2,800p
Bolt CuttersCut chains, cables, and gain access to new locations in the game.2,800p
Hip PouchCarry more items in the game.4,800p
Hip PouchCarry more items in the game.4,800p
Hot DoggerReceive a super-heated blade that causes a target to burst into flames upon contact.7,200p
Samurai EdgeA 15-shot capacity 9mm handgun, specialized by Jill who has modified it. It has superb accuracy and firepower.12,000p
RAI-DENAn energy weapon created by Umbrella that has great power, if you’re able to it an enemy’s weak point.8,000p
Infinite MUP HandgunGain infinite ammunition for the handgun.8,000p
Infinite CQBRGain infinite ammunition for the assault rifle.28,400p
Infinite Rocket LauncherGain infinite ammunition for the rocket launcher.62,400p

There are multiple challenges for you to complete in the game. You may have missed a few during your first playthrough, so make sure to sweep through the game again with a few these shop purchases to locate everything you’re missing and gain even more from the shop.