How to unlock the side quest at Epic Falls in OlliOlli World

Hop into this side quest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

OlliOlli World asks players to drop into all kinds of skateboarding routes and challenges, including different types of side quests. One particular brand of side quest that you can come across is B.B.’s board testing. These ask you to complete specific moves in a single run to unlock new cosmetics. The first of these can be found at Epic Falls in the Cloverbrook region. It’ll require you to make some specific choices to find B.B. so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first bit of Epic Falls features several massive wallrides that take you past large bees. If you want to complete the challenge here that asks you to spare the bees, make sure you’re getting big air by jumping off of ramps at the last possible second. Eventually, you’ll get past the wallrides and come to the tree grind you can see in the screenshot above. You want to take the second rail, which sends you speeding down to the bottom of the level. If you follow this to the end, you’ll meet up with B.B. and unlock his side quest.

After you wrap up the level, head over to B.B.’s new quest that should’ve popped up on your map. He’ll give you four different challenges to work through on his course. None of these should be too difficult at this point, so just keep your run clean and you’ll be fine.