How to unlock the side quest at Windfall Arcades in OlliOlli World

Learn your fortune.

Screenshot by Gamepur

OlliOlli World’s levels are brimming with possibilities for new lines and wild tricks. The game also uses its branching paths to open up new side missions for players to tackle. In Sunshine Valley, you can find one of these sidequests while skating at Windfall Arcades. This can be an easy one to miss, so we’ll provide you with the blueprint for finding Sloshtar.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After the first checkpoint, you’ll see the diverging pathway in the screenshot above. Use the X button (Square on PlayStation, Y on Switch) to flip over the “Gnarly Route.” Almost immediately, you’ll notice a fish hanging out in one of those fortune teller booths. Hit the X button to interact with Sloshtar. It’ll stop your current combo, but also open up his quest.

Once you’ve wrapped up the level, click the new pink dot on your map to head to Fortune Beach. Here, Sloshtar will have you enter a timed trick attack mode. The goal is to score 25,000 points in under a minute. Fortunately, if you know how to manual, it’s not too tough to chain together some combos and quickly finish the challenge.