How to unlock the Smooth Talker achievement in Twin Mirror

Take the conversational lead.

How to unlock the Smooth Talker achievement in Twin Mirror

The Smooth Talker achievement or trophy in Twin Mirror is one of many secret ones you can unlock. As these secret achievements and trophies are hidden from view, you might not know what this particular reward relates to.

To get your hands on Smooth Talker, you need to talk to Anna without asking for any advice. This achievement or trophy encounter takes place in the second half of Twin Mirror. If you haven’t completed the second major clue puzzle yet, turn back as there are story spoilers from now on.

How to unlock the Smooth Talker achievement in Twin Mirror

After Sam and Anna head to the latter’s home, which has been broken into, Anna has an emotional breakdown. You bring her a drink to calm her nerves and, once you do, you have an overdue heart-to-heart with your ex. It’s during this conversation that you can unlock the Smooth Talker achievement.

The main thing you have to think about here is not asking for advice from Sam’s Double. At various points, you can choose one of four dialogue options using your Xbox or PlayStation controller’s right-hand buttons. It helps if you select the option that makes you empathize, admit to being wrong, or say sorry to Anna, but you can choose whatever you like apart from the ‘Ask’ option.

The ‘Ask’ option allows you to turn to Sam’s Double for advice on what to say. You do this by tapping Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation. Again, there is no correct response to choose, so just make sure you don’t accidentally press Y or Triangle. Once the conversation has finished, the achievement or trophy will unlock as long as you didn’t ask Sam’s Double for help.

If you did, you can go back and get it once you complete the game. Twin Mirror has a scene selection mode once you’ve beaten it, so you can play from this section and try to get the achievement again.