How to unlock the Tacitcal Turtleneck in Hitman 3

Looking good, 47.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hitman 3 received its first major patch today, and with it came a ton of new missions, activities, and even a sweet new sweater to wear.

After many fans have been asking for it, IO Interactive has finally added the turtleneck as a costume you can wear outside of the training missions, and unlocking it is rather quite easy.

All you have to do get this sleek shirt is to go back and complete The Final Test mission, as part of the ICA Facility from the first Hitman game. Simply go to destinations and go all the way to very beginning to find the ICA Facility. Go here and find The Final Test at the end. It’s a simple and easy mission, and we know how you can finish it in no time and have that turtleneck in your hands.

How to complete The Final Test

You will start the mission in front of the military base, hiding behind a truck.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head around the truck and to the right side of this area to find a piece of fence missing barbed wire at the top. Fortunately, this section is also lit up by a nearby light so you can’t miss it.

Head to the right of building to find another section of fence that you can climb over, where you will find a generator to the left.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Turn this generator off to draw the attention of a nearby soldier. When he comes to investigate, subdue him, take his disguise, and hide him in the container.

Go out to where he was guarding and climb through the open window there. Make your way out to the hangar, and find the stairs leading up to the second floor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take the stairs up and follow them around to the office where your target, Jasper Knight, is waiting with another soldier. Wait for a bit and Knight will walk out of the room to lean up against the railing in the hangar. The soldier will follow him, but there is enough distance between them that when Knight is out of sight and earshot, you can take the soldier out and hide his body in the container in the bathroom.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now just wait for Knight to return shortly. Once he is in the room, alone, take him out however you want.

Now just head to the exit and the missions is completed. In the post-mission section, you will see that the Tactical Turtleneck is yours.