How to upgrade and unlock more weapons in Watch Dogs: Legion

Weapons are an effective way to escape a situation.

Watch Dogs Legions

Like any good plan, you have to prepare for it to go south pretty quickly in Watch Dogs: Legion. When a plan goes south, there are not too many options you have that don’t involve you attempting to take down your enemies and clean the way to your objective or make a path to the nearest exit. The better your weapons are in the game, the easier it is to take down some of the tougher enemies you can potentially encounter when infiltrating a building for a mission.

Everything in Watch Dogs: Legion that involves giving yourself and other DedSec members better equipment and skills revolve around Tech Points. You earn Tech Points by clearing out the boroughs, completing story missions, and they appear on the map. They’re the green diamond icons you see scattered all over. You won’t have to work too hard to acquire enough of them to upgrade your weapons.

When you’re ready and have enough Tech Points on your character, go into your main menu and go to the tech tab. There should be a list of various upgrades and new tools you can unlock by using the small pile of Tech Points you’ve steadily been building up. The weapon upgrades include larger magazine clips, having them deal more damage, and even making them harder for enemies to hear.

If you find that you’re not upgrading your equipment or tools quickly enough by participating in the main story, feel free to walk off the beaten path and explore London.