How to upgrade covenant armor in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Learn how to look good in covenant armor and potentially look even better.

Image via Blizzard

One great portion of the Shadowlands expansion in World of Warcraft are the exclusive armor sets you get as part of your covenant choice. Night Fae, Kyrian, Venthyr, and Necrolord players each have a specific set of armor to earn once they commit to a chosen covenant, but did you know it’s also upgradeable?

There are two ways you can get your covenant armor up to speed. First, you can look for your covenant vendor, located near the Forge of Bonds inside your home sanctum. Each vendor sells Rank 1 gear, which is the beginning of the materials you can upgrade. Standing next to the vendor is a second NPC in charge of your upgrades.

If you’re currently in Oribos and away from your sanctum, you have another option to upgrade your covenant armor. Speak to the PvP vendors throughout Oribos, and you can use your earned anima on the upgrades. Finally, if you disenchanted your covenant gear at any point, you can also buy it back with anima and offerings through the vendors throughout your sanctum.

Taking the time to upgrade Rank 1 gear that you get from your covenant is worth the effort. If you have been spending most of your time on one character in Shadowlands and feel like running another character through the expansion, maybe selecting another covenant along the way, the upgrades are an excellent way to get them ready for future dungeon or Torghast runs.