How to upgrade Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Get a little more out of them.

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When you are in a battle, you want to have as many factors going your way as possible. This is especially true in MOBAs, where a numbers advantage will surely give you a better chance to come out of a battle victorious. Held Items in Pokémon Unite will provide your chosen Pokémon slight advantages in certain situations. In the beginning, these bonuses will feel minimal, but over time, you can get even more out of them. Here is how to upgrade your Held Items in Pokémon Unite.

To be able to upgrade any of your Held Items, you first need to reach Level 9 by playing matches. Also, you will need Item Enhancers. You can earn them in a variety of ways. You can purchase them from the Aeos Emporium in Shops with Aeos Tickets, get them from Energy Rewards, be rewarded them in Missions through the Events section, or unlock them through the Battle Pass.

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When you are Trainer Level 9 and have some Item Enhancers, pull up the menu on the home page by pressing X on Nintendo Switch. Go down to Battle Prep and select Held Items. Here you can view and give your Pokémon Held Items you own. You can buy more items in the Aeos Emporium.

Go to All Held Items and choose the one you want to upgrade. The more you upgrade each item, the more Item Enhancers will be required to fulfill future upgrades. When you reach Grades 10 and 20, you will see up to double the usefulness out of your items.