How to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction

Get your weapons performing at the top of their potential.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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In first-person shooters, there is no more important factor than your weapon. It is your means of both offense and defense and will get you out of many sticky situations. In Second Extinction, this is especially true as your team takes on the hordes of dinosaurs. Before each game, you can pick your loadout, including which weapon you want to wield going in, but at first, every weapon can seem a little underpowered. Here is how to upgrade weapons in Second Extinction.

Before you can upgrade any weapons, you need to play through at least one mission in the game, not including the tutorial. As you play, keep your eye out for any items deceased dinosaurs drop. Walk over them, and you will automatically pick them up and see a breakdown of what you grabbed on the screen. Play through the mission, and when you get back to the main menu, you will see a message saying you can now upgrade weapons.

To start the upgrading process, you first need to go to the Armory and go to the Weapons tab. Pick a weapon to upgrade, and you will see a chart like the one below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you can upgrade any part of your weapon, you need to purchase Upgrade Tokens at the top of the chart. These will cost research points, and your weapon can have up to ten at a time. This means that you will need to pick and choose which upgrades you want for your guns carefully, as the ten tokens will be taken up quite quickly. Now that you have some Upgrade Tokens, select a category for an upgrade. You will also need to spend research points on unlocking each slot to place the Upgrade Tokens.

The early upgrades will only require these tokens, but as you go on, you will notice those looted items from dinosaurs you killed can be spent on upgrading as well. Continue playing and killing various dinosaurs, and you will eventually get enough items for even more upgrades.