How to upgrade your camp in New World

New World camping.

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By following the main story of New World, you will eventually arrive at Everfall, where you’re going to learn how to set down a camp. This will be a basic camp, and it’s a good way to set a respawn point for yourself while exploring the world or craft a few minor supplies you could need to defeat particular creatures. Eventually, you’re going to learn how to upgrade your camp. This guide will detail how to upgrade your camp and what that does.

When you’re keen on upgrading your camp, you’ll have to wait until your character has reached level 15. All of the camping tiers are tied to a quest, so if you’re looking for a special item or upgrade to unlock at any of the crafting stations, you’re looking in the wrong place. Instead, you’ll need to head over to Monarch’s Bluffs and speak with Bercina Thornton. She’s going to give you a quest called Survivalist of Everfall, where she’s going to teach you Tier 2 Camping. The next character you’re going to need to speak with to upgrade to tier 3 will be Tosch, and you can find them in Cutlass Keys.

Follow the steps of the quest, and then once you turn it in, you’ll receive the next tier of camping. From what we can tell, despite the camp tiers increasing, the materials do not cost more, so none of that changes.