How to upgrade your character in Grime

Do you have the Strength and Dexterity to overcome Grime?

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Grime is a difficult game, so you’ll need to upgrade your character whenever you can. Strengthing your favored attributes will help you form the warrior you’d like as you face insurmountable odds. Here’s an explanation on how to upgrade your character in Grime.

Did you work out?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Grime allows you to create the character you aspire to make with plenty of options available to you. To upgrade your character, interact with the weeping cavity. It’s a big rock infused with electricity and has a yellow mark on the bottom — it looks like it’s been punched by a superhero. You can then develop your vessel. You’ll see five different ways to grow your character: Health, Force (your stamina meter), Strength (increases the damage for Strength related weapons), Dexterity (increases damage for Dexterity-related weapons), and Resonance (increases damage for Resonance-related weapons and traits).

You can tell which weapon the statistic will increase for Strength, Dexterity, and Resonance by checking the emblem of each weapon. If it’s a fist, it is Strength; Dexterity looks like a claw, and Resonance is two palms facing the sky. On the top right is your experience (or “souls,” in a sense). You’ll see the cost of the upgrade on the left; if it’s green, it’s good to go, red shows that you need more souls). Once you’ve chosen your preferred stat, toggle over to the green checkmark on the right and confirm.

Your reward for your spoils

There is another way to improve your character. On the bottom, you’ll see an Acquire Traits section. By defeating monsters a certain amount of times, you can add new passives. For example, with the Frail Arm, you can restore a certain amount of your force after a successful Absorb or Repel. By using hunt points from taking out certain monsters, you can either unlock or upgrade the trait.