How to upgrade your equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Only the best equipment will do.


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Like in any other game, equipment is important in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Amicia progresses through the game with her sling at her side and her alchemical knowledge. Of course, as the world becomes more dangerous and the number of threats increases, you will need to upgrade your equipment to help increase your capabilities. Naturally, upgrading your equipment doesn’t come easy. This guide will show you how to upgrade your equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Upgrading your equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiem

You won’t gain access to the upgrade system until you reach chapter three of the game. After progressing through the chapter for a while, you will come across a workbench. These workbenches can be found throughout the game going forward and are a necessity to upgrade your gear. While most of these workbenches are uncovered, some will require a knife to unlock because they are sealed.

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When interacting with a workbench, you will have four equipment choices to upgrade; Sling, Alchemy, Gear, and Instruments. Each of these equipment options has three upgrades for a total of 12 that you can unlock. You can get the following upgrades from the workbench:

  • Sling
    • Softened Cords – Decreases the amount of noise generated by the sling
    • Double Cradle – Allows Amicia to shoot two stones before reloading the sling
    • Elongated Cords – Increases the duration an enemy is stunned when hit by the sling
  • Alchemy
    • Hidden Pockets – Allows Amicia to carry more alchemical ammo
    • Strong Fire – Increases the damage dealt by Ignifers so that Amicia can kill with them
    • Unstable Reaction – Increases the capabilities of Odoris, allowing it to explode when hit by fire and kill enemies
  • Gear
    • Ringed Belt – Allows Amicia to carry an additional pot
    • Bottomless Bag – Allows Amicia to carry additional resources
    • Belt Cases – Allows Amicia to carry additional knives and pyrites
  • Instruments
    • Recycling Tool – Allows Amicia to break down items to get pieces
    • Traveler Tools – Allows Amicia to upgrade her equipment without a workbench
    • Unbreakable Tool – Allows Amicia to upgrade her equipment without the tool cost
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Before obtaining the Unbreakable Tool upgrade, you will need to collect Tools and Pieces to upgrade your equipment. Tools will typically be found near workbenches but can also be found in chests. Pieces are also found hidden around the world in sacks. These sacks of Pieces can be found in chests, on tables, and on other platforms, so keep an eye out for them. Upgrading your equipment will consume Pieces and Tools.