How to upgrade your Soulkeeper in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

How many souls can a soulkeeper keep if a soulkeeper could keep souls?

Image via Blizzard

Now that the renown cap has increased to 24 in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’re eligible to earn another Soulkeeper upgrade. Before you start wondering what else you can get with your Redeemed Souls, however, we need to make sure you’ve completed the quest which makes you eligible for the upgrade.

The Sinfall storyline, better known as the intro to your covenant, contains quests near the end called “Return Lost Souls.” This will send you deep into The Maw, where you will need to find varying amounts of Redeemed Souls to bring back with you. For the first quest in the chain, you’ll need to find five souls.

Although there is a clear maker on the map to show you where you should search, it’s not a good indicator of where you can find souls. Check your minimap for some light blue-colored runes. These will take you to some stones that you can shatter with your weapon by attacking them. When the stones are broken, you’ll need to click on the soul that comes out of them. Loot five of these, and you’ll have what you need to turn in the quest.

With Returning Lost Souls complete, your Soulkeeper is eligible for a second upgrade when you hit Renown rank 24. This will increase your weekly intake of Redeemed Souls to 15, so you can start planning what kind of covenant upgrades you’d like to purchase.