How to upgrade your weapons in Harvestella

Strong weapons will be required.

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Harvestella is more than a life-sim game. The game is filled with RPG elements that allow you to explore dungeons, complete quests, and challenge deadly monsters. True to any RPG, you need to upgrade your weapons if you want to keep fighting and taking down stronger monsters. Without a strong weapon, you will be knocked out in no time and Cres will be coming to your aid. This guide will show you how to upgrade your weapon in Harvestella.

How upgrading your weapons works in Harvestella

At the start of the game, you will automatically be given a weapon that you can use to fight with any time you leave the town and go off exploring the dungeons. During the first couple of days of the game, you will explore a dungeon where the enemy levels quickly get up to 10 and above. When this happens, you will want to upgrade your weapon to keep it viable. There is only one person to turn to; the blacksmith.

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There are multiple NPCs that you will eventually end up meeting as you progress through the game. One of these NPCs is the blacksmith. After entering Lethe, head straight to where the center of town where the fountain is. On the opposite side of the found is where you will find the blacksmith. Her shop is marked by a pair of crossed swords on the map.

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Talk to the blacksmith inside and she will give you the choice to upgrade your weapons. When you unlock allies later on in the game, the blacksmith will also be able to upgrade their gear as well. Upgrading your gear requires materials and Grilla. While the first upgrade is cheap and only costs some Copper Ore and 500 Grilla, it won’t take long to realize that these upgrades get expensive and require more materials as time goes on. Make sure to save up the materials you find and do plenty of farming.