How to use a Splatana in Splatoon 3

The windshield wiper samurai were fearsome.

Image via Nintendo

The Splatana Wiper is one of the new weapons featured in Splatoon 3, so many people will want to give it a try. The windshield wiper has been multipurposed into an ink spreading machine that is more than just a melee weapon. Here is how to use the Splatana in Splatoon 3 effectively.

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How to best use the Splatana Wiper in Splatoon 3

While you may peg the Splatana Wiper as a simple melee weapon when you first look at it, it has quite a bit of range. When you tap ZR, your character will swipe it left and right, flinging horizontal splashes of ink in front of them. To get the most range out of these, be sure to aim further up and not just at the ground in front of you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you hold down ZR, your Inkling or Octoling will charge up a vertical strike that can travel farther and defeat enemies in one hit if it hits them. However, this method of attack takes a good deal of accuracy and timing. If you miss your strike, you are leaving yourself open for a counterattack.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend using the horizontal slashes when in close quarters and when covering area with no enemies around. That way you can cover the most ground quickly and put out a barrage of ink. If an enemy is a medium distance away from you, at that point you should charge up your vertical strike and take them down when they least expect it.

One thing we noticed when using the Splatana Wiper is that it doesn’t lose ink very quickly. This can lead you to potentially outlasting opponents who have to turn into their Swim Form to grab more ink in the middle of a battle. However, you do not want a fight to drag out if the enemy has a more powerful weapon in hand.