How to use an Emote in Worms Rumble

Wave hello to Emotes.

For those who want to boogie after accomplishments or signal to teams that you need help, there are plenty of Emotes in Worms Rumble to do so. Doing them is pretty simple and can even earn you the “Express Yourself” bronze trophy.

Although Emotes will start to unlock for you past level 9, there is a collection of them readily available from the start. To use one, hold down the left arrow on the d-pad and then activate one of the Emotes shown by hovering over it with the right stick.

If done correctly, the “Express Yourself” trophy should unlock, meaning you’ve used your first Emote. In team-based modes, all teammates will be notified in the bottom-left corner when an Emote is used. Thus, don’t be afraid to call out for assistance if need be.

If you’re looking for more celebratory Emotes, they can be unlocked and bought with in-game coins in the main menu’s Worms tab. However, you can only add one of these extra Emotes at a time.