How to use and restore CP in Tales of Arise

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Image via Bandai Namco

In Tales of Arise, an important resource that players will need to understand is CP. CP stands for Cure Points, and they will allow players to use special abilities knows as Artes. These Artes can be used to heal and revive party members, among other things. All of the Artes has a specific CP cost, and using them will deplete that amount from the pool of CP.

Using CP can be done by specific characters who will have access to abilities that need them to function, such as Shionne and Dohalim. CP can be used during battles, or after them, if you scrap through and want to heal up afterward. It is also possible to use CP to revive allies. To heal your allies outside of a fight, just select the Recovery option in the menu to spend the CP to do it. Keep in mind, CP is not the only way to heal in Tales of Arise.

To restore your CP, you will need to rest as the primary means of doing so. Resting at an Inn or Camp will fully refill your CP, and will also heal your entire party. Finally, you can also use specific items such as Gels to recover your CP. These are best kept for when you are far from the aforementioned Inns or Camps.