How to heal in Tales of Arise | HP restoration guide

Heal thyself.

Image via Bandai Namco

As a combat-focused RPG, Tales of Arise will give you ample opportunity to take damage and lose your health. Healing is a vital part of the game, and understand how to do it, and when, is important.

Tales of Arises uses Cure POint to heal characters, and series veterans might be surprised at some of the changes to the system. Some healing methods require healing points, while other methods will be independent of the Cure Point system.

Healing Items

Healing items can be used independently of the Cure Point system, making them very valuable. You can use healing items during combat, and outside of it, by going into your Items menu and selecting the relevant item. Pay attention to the different types, as some will heal the entire party. To balance the lack of Cure Point drain, there is a cooldown on their use in combat.

Camps or Inns

By resting at Camps or Inns, players can heal aback all their missing health, and this will also restore any lost Cure Points, making it very valuable indeed.

Cure Points

Cure Points can be spent on healing abilities that some characters can use. Once again, they can be used in combat or outside of it. If you are worried about not being able to heal in time, set Shionne and Dohalim’s AI behavior to “focus on healing” to ensure they stay up to pace. This will burn through the Cure Points, however.