How to use Aristeia in combat in A Total War Saga: Troy

The best ability available to your hero.

Heroic ability

All heroes can use Aristeia during combat in A Total War Saga: Troy. When activated, they receive a variety of abilities to boost their fighting capabilities, making them a tremendous force to face on the battlefield and increasing the morale of your troops. It’s a great way to boost morale on your side, granting your chosen hero the opportunity to cause untold damage. Accessing this ability can be a bit tricky.

What does the Aristeia ability do?

Here’s the full breakdown of what the Aristeia ability does for your hero:

  • No cooldown for any of your abilities
  • Your hero heals for 25 hit points per second
  • They receive 20 percent more armor
  • They receive 30 percent more melee attack
  • Their freeze stamina goes up
  • Their unbreakable goes up

It takes a long time for the Aristeia ability meter to grow in battle. When you have it, you want to use it immediately. It’s a good way to push the enemy back, or overwhelm them before your forces can take additional losses. You don’t want to delay the battle to have it activate. If the fighting has gone on long enough to warrant its use, surge your hero forward to fight the enemy’s weaker units.

How to increase your Aristeia meter

Your hero’s Aristeia meter goes up throughout the combat, increasing as their rage meter goes up and the more abilities they use. Your hero’s rage increases as they fight enemies and your hero’s ability require a certain amount of rage to activate. Because of how much combat your hero you can handle, you want to place them in the thick of combat, fighting side-by-side your troops and making sure they see the thickest of the fighting.