How to use Exceed Energy with Ability Transfer in Phantasy Star Online 2

Break your power wide open with this trick

Image via Sega

Sega introduced the Ability Transfer system to PSO2 with Episode 6, and they may not have realized how much potential there is to break the game wide open. If you want to take full advantage of the Exceed Energy special ability, follow these instructions to gain ultimate power.

To start, remember how to get Ability Transfer passes in the first place. You can get a total of 40 per month from the Recycle Shop. The limits for each type of class cubes are listed here:

  • Hr/Ph/Et cubes: 10 passes
  • Fi/Gu/Te cubes: 10 passes
  • Br/Bo/Su cubes: 10 passes
  • Hu/Ra/Fo cubes: 10 passes

The number of slots in the item you want to transfer into will determine how many transfer passes you need to use. Here’s a quick reference guide for the cost:

  • 1-4 slots: 5 passes
  • 5 slots: 15 passes
  • 6 slots: 25 passes
  • 7 slots: 50 passes
  • 8 slots: 100 passes

Now, you’re ready to talk to Dudu or Monica. Check your inventory for any Add Ability items you may have. This is key to taking advantage of this exploit. The ability pool consists of S-class abilities on your base/target item, all abilities contained in the item you’re sacrificing, and any Add Ability items you’ve also included.

By fusing a Stil weapon with Exceed Energy attached to it, you’re looking at an astronomical amount of power included in your new item. You could start with a four-slot weapon that includes Exceed Energy and turn it into something straight out of mythology, going all the way up to eight slots if you have enough Add Ability items to include in the transfer process. We’ll see how long it takes Sega to notice this, if at all, before they either nerf Exceed Energy or decide to reduce the item fusion success rate.