How to use Grateful Offerings in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

It isn’t just gold that makes the world go round.

Image via Blizzard

As you unlock several of your covenant upgrades in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you may notice that you’re gaining a new currency with your Anima Conductor. Beating rare enemies and finding special treasure will earn you some Grateful Offerings. Most of the time, you need to combine these with Anima to purchase things, but there are many possible rewards for stockpiling Grateful Offerings.

To start, you can buy a complete reskin of your Covenant Armor if you have enough Renown, Anima, and Grateful Offerings. Listed below are the requirements for each piece:

  • Wrist: 16 Renown, 2000 Anima, 15 Grateful Offerings
  • Gloves: 16 Renown, 2000 Anima, 15 Grateful Offerings
  • Boots: 16 Renown, 3000 Anima, 25 Grateful Offerings; second set at 26 Renown, 2000 Anima, and 15 Grateful Offerings
  • Legs: 26 Renown, 3000 Anima, 25 Grateful Offerings
  • Cloak: 26 Renown, 1500 Anima, 10 Grateful Offerings
  • Helm, Shoulders, and Chest (each): 32 Renown, 4000 Anima, 30 Grateful Offerings

You can do the same to your weapons, which have two separate colors avaialble. After finishing your covenant campaign, you can buy the first one for 3500 Anima and 10 Grateful Offerings. The second set unlocks at Renown 37, priced at 3500 Anima and 50 Grateful Offerings.

If you don’t feel like farming for mounts, each covenant has one that you can purchase through the Anima Conductor for 5000 Anima and 100 Grateful Offerings. Finally, you can spend 35 Grateful Offerings on the Chronicle of Lost Memories to get a random Legendary Memory, but you can easily end up with one that you already earned through a dungeon or raid.