How to use Julio Wrightman in Triangle Strategy – Advisor class guide

We advise you to use this excellent advisor.

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Julio is a unique unit in Triangle Strategy due to his proficiency in being a great supporting and physical attacking/defending role. He centers around giving TP to other party members, which is invaluable to your mages since they need lots of TP to cast spells. The first TP-giving skill he learns also raises an ally’s strength and magic stats, so he can often replace Benedict early on if you want to use Julio instead.

As the story progresses, you’ll begin to notice that Julio has incredibly well-rounded stats both offensively, defensively, and even in the magical field. Around the mid-game, he’ll learn K.O. TP+, which gives him a TP if he kills an enemy, as well as Finish Them, which will provide an ally additional two TP.

Since magic is so viable in Triangle Strategy, Julio should almost always be deployed and kept around your mages. He will eventually learn TP Barrier, which decreases the amount of damage he takes the more TP he has. With this ability, he can be put on the front lines without needing constant healing, turning him into another physical tank.

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His TP abilities come in handy even more in the late game when your party members start learning high TP costing abilities. If you give Julio speed-boosting accessories, he can give someone like Serenoa TP to use his Under Conviction’s Banner Skill, which grants multiple allies in a large area extra TP, at the beginning of each battle. Having this much TP right off the bat is a massive boon to your party.

Julio also works excellent with Jens, who is the master of laying down spring traps and flinging enemies from high ledges. If you can get Jens to use his weapon skill Automatic Turret early on in a fight, it can devastate enemy forces as it fires upon anyone that moves in range.

Julio is a fantastic character who gets better and better as the game goes on. Make him a mainstay in your party and give him some extra speed to make battles easier.