How to use keyboard and mouse on Xbox Series X

Pinpoint accuracy.

Xbox Series X

Image via Microsoft

If you have been tempted over to the dark side, and want to try out a mouse and keyboard on your Xbox Series X, then the good news is that it is very simple to do. Microsoft has taken great steps this generation to ensure that people can play how they want and when they want. This means full mouse and keyboard integration on the Xbox Series X, and all you need to do is plug them in.

You’ll find three USB ports on the Xbox Series X, one on the front and two on the back, so all you need to do is plug your mouse and keyboard into your preferred ports, and you are good to go.

The console should recognize both devices instantly, but don’t worry if you need to wait for a moment or two for them to register on the device. After that, you’ll be good to go.

Now, how it all plays out in games won’t be quite so simple. Many games, especially multiplayer shooters, will more than likely read the input type and separate lobbies by control method, so auto-aiming controller players will all get pooled up together, and the same with mouse and keyboard players. This won’t be true for every game, so it will be worthwhile reading up about what each game does if the developers make the information available.

Another huge benefit, even if you are a devout controller user, is the ease at which you will be able to input information and send messages to friends. If you are in the mood, we would suggest a dedicated 60% keyboard. The small form factor means it won’t take up a huge amount of space, and sending messages back and forth to your buddies will be as easy as pie.