How to use Mindgames in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

What is more real than a punch to the face?

Image via Blizzard

The Mindgames spell is exclusive to priests in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. You’ll need to choose a specific covenant to use it, and the spell has some interesting damage calculation that can be exploited at just the right moment.

Obtaining Mindgames

Mindgames is your reward for committing to the Venthyr covenant in Shadowlands. Once you confirm your choice, the ability is added to your list in your spellbook. You can then add it to your hotbar or set up a macro as “Mindgames(Venthyr)” if you like.

Using Mindgames

The damage calculation for Mindgames is meant to warp the target’s perception of reality, and you can see how when looking at the formula. After a 1.5 second casting time, Mindgames deals a chunk of Shadow damage, and afterward, flips the book on your target.

For the next five seconds, any damage your target does to you will actually heal you, and if they attempt to heal their allies, it will damage them instead. Mindgames restocks quick, with only a 45 second cooldown required before you can use it again. If you take this ability into a dungeon or raid, you could exploit the weakness in enemy healers and turn their recovery against them very quickly. Although Mindgames can be disspelled, you can at least attempt to stop your enemies from healing, and get some free health while they unleash attacks on you.