How to use Narve Oparyn in Triangle Strategy – Sage class guide

The grandson of a great mage wants to prove his worth.

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Narve is your jack of all trades, master of none mage. He has access to every element of magic but only has the basic spells for each type. This versatility makes Narve one of the best party members in the game. Since he has access to lightning and wind magic, you should always prioritize deploying Narve over Ezana.

Having access to each element gives Narve a massive advantage over all melee-based classes. While they will all have below-average magic defense, every type of unit is even weaker to one element. In the end, he is your unique glass canon, able to deal a massive amount of damage. If you keep Benedict or Juilo around him to give him TP and buff his stats, your battles will be over a lot quicker.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Narve is your first unit to know wind magic, which can target seven squares at once and change the direction the enemy is facing. It’s an excellent area of effect attack and can give your other units a chance to get more back attacks. The only downside is that this wind spell cannot reach higher or lower terrain very well.

The one passive skill he does get, Pierce Defenses, lowers an enemy’s magic defense if he damages them. Such a passive skill is great for taking out boss enemies who will take more than a few turns to defeat.

Just like your other mages, Narve has poor physical attributes. Give him a health and defense ring to boost his survivability and keep him away from heavy hitters.