How to use photo mode in SnowRunner

Snap the perfect photo.

Season 6: Haul & Hustle finally introduces a photo mode to the off-road simulator game. Now players can take pictures of their favorite vehicle parked on top of a mountain overlooking the wilderness of Alaska. If you’ve been wanting to snap a perfect shot of SnowRunner’s breathtaking vistas, stunning views, and unique machinery, here’s how to access the photo mode.

The update is available for all consoles and can be accessed through the start menu.

  • Press the pause button to bring up the menu.
  • Depending on which console you’re playing on the next part will vary.
    • Xbox: Press the X button
    • PS4: Press the Square button
    • Nintendo Switch: Press the Y button
    • PC: Press E
  • Selecting the corresponding button will bring up the photo mode.

Once you’re in the new menu, the game will pause, and you can begin adjusting camera settings. The photo mode lets you change the lighting, time of day, and weather. You can also select from a number of effects including black and white, aperture, focus, exposure, zoom, color grading, and hue. Other features allow you to remove the driver and turn the vehicle headlights on or off.

Photo mode has become something of a must-have feature for games over the last few years and fans are thrilled it’s now available.