How to use Photo Mode in Spider-Man


Parker, I want photos of Spider-Man on my desk this instant. Photo Mode in Spider-Man gives players the option to create fun little snapshots of in-game moments.

To access Photo Mode, all you need to do is hit the pause button and select it from the menu. While it sounds simple, the game doesn’t point out where it is.

Once you enter Photo Mode and you’ve paused the game at a good scene, you’re given a wealth of different options to play around with. You can move the camera freely or even use the photo to create your own comic book cover, if you think the moment is epic enough to fly off the rack.

You can even make the image look pixelated and add goofy little stickers that would be best suited for any webcrawler’s social media page. There’s even a selfie option, so you can capture that important moment before a helicopter crashes into you.

After you’ve made the perfect photo, you then need to save it. Sadly, Spider-Man doesn’t come with a built-in photo saving system, so you have to use the PS4’s screenshot functionality on the Save menu to keep the shot.

Just be sure to hide the UI before you save the image. JJ hates seeing the UI.