How to use Premium Crate Coupons in PUBG Mobile

Save up those Scraps for Coupons.

In PUBG Mobile, there are various types of crates in the game, including the Premium Crate, Classic Crate, Supply Crate, and Exclusive Crate.

There are additionally corresponding coupons for each type of crate. Crates can be opened using the matching coupons or spending UC (in-game currency) directly. In-game scraps are materials used to earn coupons – They can be gained from specific events, or be merely opening the crates and obtaining them from inside.

Premium crate coupon scraps can be combined to make premium coupons via locating the scraps in your inventory and hitting the ‘combine’ button if advised to do so. Typically, you’ll need a couple of scraps to produce one coupon. Then, the coupon is used to open up a premium crate.

New seasons bring new rewards found in crates, with some of the coolest prizes found in premium crates – obtaining rare items, including legendary weapons, skins, clothes, parachutes, and more. An excellent way to earn scraps and coupons is to work away at the menu lobby’s achievements. It’s a good idea to frequently scower the achievement list to see what rewards are being offered up. New updates and seasons bring new challenges that can help yield scraps, coupons, and more – so be on the lookout.