How to use Roulette Tickets and what they do in Gran Turismo 7

The tickets are the key to earning vehicles without spending credits.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once players have finished their first Café menu in Gran Turismo 7, they will be rewarded with an unexplained item known as a Roulette Ticket. No, there isn’t gambling in the game, but there is something potentially far better. The Roulette Ticket allows players to unlock cars, credits, and car parts at no cost. Here’s how to take advantage of this new feature.

Unlike past games, GT7 will now require players have a Roulette Ticket to be rewarded a gift car. To use a ticket, open the Garage menu from the World Map and click on the Gifts tab. From there, you can trade a ticket in to spin for one of the several gifts presented on the prize wheel. These tickets hold their own rarities, too, ranging from one-star to three-star. Thus, the higher the rarity of the ticket is, the better the rewards are on the prize wheel.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For instance, if you use a one-star Roulette Ticket, you’re bound to see less essential cars being offered on the wheel, such as the Toyota Tundra TRD ’19, as well as credit prizes that max out at 10,000. So, if you’re looking to nab top-tier sports cars, we recommend continuing to complete Café menus, as three-star Roulette Tickets will be rewarded from them later into the game.

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