How to use stickers in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Customizing your Pokemon’s entrance into battle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The most frequent items players in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be given are stickers. There are many different types that the game holds, from fire, floral, to even rock-themed stickers, but it’s never explained how they should be utilized. Despite seeming like pointless collectibles, an assortment of these stickers can aid greatly in mini-games, and most importantly, alter how your Pokémon enter into battle.

If trainers have taken time to speak to unnamed NPCs in each location, chances are they received a mass amount of stickers from them. Although many of these have themes based around Pokémon types, stickers are purely cosmetic and can be used in the Ball Capsule tab found from the in-game main menu. From there, stickers can be applied to the back and front of Poké Balls, with each ball able to hold 20 stickers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After a customized capsule has been assigned to a Pokémon, you’ll see these stickers transform into animations when the Poké Ball is thrown into battle. These can be previewed by pressing the + button over a given ball in the Ball Capsule menu.

Additionally, applying these animations to a Pokémon’s entrance can gain you bonus points in the Super Contest Show mini-game in Hearthome City. The max amount of bonus points can be earned by ensuring stickers match the theme of each show type. If you’ve run out of stickers, be sure to speak to NPCs in homes or visit its dedicated marketplace located in Sunyshore City.

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