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How to use Talisman in Shin Megami Tensei V

Give yourself advantage in battle with these.

In Shin Megami Tensei V, players must think out their turns very carefully, meaning using buffs or debuffs to gain an advantage or using items and heals at the correct times. Depending on a player’s strategy, it could mean they’ll either win a battle or get a game over. An item that could ensure a player’s success in the game is Talisman. Talismans are given a lot throughout the game, but it is never properly explained how or when a player can use them. They’re marked as a key item, meaning the player can’t use them in the item menu. When viewing them, the description says “Allows you to use [Demon Race] Magatsuhi skill.” So, when can you use these items, and how?

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Talisman can be used in combat. As their description implies, using them will allow the user to use that Demon race’s Magatsuhi skill. This gives you an additional Magatsuhi that you can use instead of defaulting to the Critical skill. They can be used during combat whenever the Magatsuhi bar is full. But, Talisman can only be used by the same race. So, Jack Frost, a Fairy Demon, will not be able to use the Divine Talisman. However, they will be able to use a Fairy talisman. If you’re curious about what race your current demons fall under, go to your party menu and look at the subtitle marked in green. That’s their race.

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When your Magatsuhi bar is full, and you have a demon on your party in which you possess their race’s talisman, scroll down to the bottom of the skills menu, and you’ll find it. The talismans have an infinite amount of uses, so feel free to take advantage of them if the situation calls for it.

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