How to use the command table in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Earn XP while away from your Covenant Sanctum

Using the command table in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is similar to the system first created for your Garrison Missions back in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Each Covenant Sanctum has an area containing your command table, which is where you’ll begin issuing orders when you reach level 60.

After you tour your Anima Reservoir, you can choose to upgrade it. One of the options is unlocking your Covenant’s command table, which looks like the Class Hall board in Legion, and the War Campaign board in Battle for Azeroth. You’ll need Reservoir Anima and Redeemed Souls to get your command table up and running. The upgrade process takes about an hour, so make sure you have something else to do while your board goes through the changes.

When the board is ready, you will likely recognize the visual layout of the scouting map. It shows you how long each mission will take, the level of the mission, and what you might earn if you win. Clicking the Companions tab at the bottom of the window will list your available companions to potentially increase your success rate.

Shadowlands adds some complexity and customization to the missions when you choose to start one. You are shown which enemies you face during a mission, and you can match individual companions against them, taking advantage of your team’s strengths. You will have five slots total, and you must include a Soulbind or Ally.

When you have finalized your selection, click Start. Missions can take anywhere from an hour to most of a day, so it might be a while until you find out if you were successful. Blizzard is currently working on a mobile app that will let you complete adventures on the go.