How to use the firing range in Death Stranding

Practice your skills here.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Practice makes perfect, so it is essential to use the firing range in Death Stranding to know how each weapon works in the game. Like the Call of Duty series, this feature lets you train with the weapons under time trials and challenges, giving you some rewards and dominance in the ranked leaderboards. This is how to access it.

You’ll first be able to gain entry into the firing range when you reach Chapter 2 of Death Stranding: The Director’s Cut. You’re first given the Maser Gun in the distribution center, located west of Capital Knot City, and then you’re advised to try it out in the firing range. To get to the mode, go to an access terminal in any major Bridges location and select “Private Room/Firing Range” at the bottom of the menu. Then select the Firing Range option after that. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re in the room, you can start drills by accessing the terminal. On the menu, you’ll see a list of challenges to complete, each with their time limits, utilized weapon, their difficulties, and the number of targets you need to eliminate.

When you start the firing range challenge, you are given the ammo required to complete your trial. However, if you ever run out, there will be some ammo you can pick up in the corners of the map. When shooting simple dummies, make sure to hit the yellow ones rather than the blue as they’re marked as allies. Once your missions are completed, you’ll get a rank and experience for your efforts. You can quickly retry if you think you can improve your score.