How to use the Green Flare Gun in PUBG: New State

Bringing in a friend.

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Image via Krafton

The Green Flare Gun is a valuable tool that you can use in PUBG: New State. The item brings back a dead member of your team, ensuring you and the rest of your squad won’t be fighting alone to make it to the end of a match. Here’s what you need to know about how to use the Green Flare Gun and where you might find it in PUBG: New State.

You’ll need to fire the Green Flare Gun into the air when you’re ready to use it. You need to wait until one of your four teammates has been dead for 90 seconds; after that point, you can bring them back. When they appear, they’ll drop down from the sky, and they’ll have the chance to sync up with you when they land. Unfortunately, the revived player won’t appear with any gear, so they’ll have to start from scratch. If you have a full team of four people in your squad, you cannot revive another player outside of your squad.

We’ve typically found the Green Flare Gun on other players after picking it up, but you can pick it up from the Drone Store once you have 1,200 Drone Credits. You can find these by exploring the game and checking locations that have not yet been looted.